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Inform Sexual Health

Inform Sexual Health System

Inform Sexual Health is a comprehensive Health Information System for Sexual Health designed specifically to address the challenges facing modern sexual health services. INFORM unlocks the true benefits available technology has to offer and brings together the key components required to improve patient access, support best possible clinical practice, increase efficiency in service delivery and provide the information required to understand current performance and effectively plan future services.

A single comprehensive solution

Whether you require a standalone HIV system or a fully integrated sexual health solution the underlying INFORM framework offers the tools to fulfil the different operational requirements of each distinct clinical speciality.

Providing an effective health information system is more than just the ability to collect data around a specific clinical area, it is about providing the tools required to efficiently deliver and improve services. Inform has been designed with the needs of the whole team involved in sexual health service delivery in order to fulfil the true requirements of the service.

We think about the needs of the whole team including admin and clerical staff, nurses, health advisers, doctors, clinical support workers, service managers, business managers, commissioners and we consider the needs of the patients too. We have a range of products that share the same INFORM framework allowing you to expand your INFORM solution so it can grow with your service.

INFORM has been designed specifically for sexual health services and is used by our customers in a range of sexual healthcare services including sexual and reproductive health (CASH), Genito-Urinary Medicine (GU), HIV, Sexual assault referral centres (SARC), Chlamydia screening (NCSP), C Card (Condom Card Schemes), Psycho-sexual counselling, Vasectomy, Sexual Dysfunction, Specialist counselling services and Young parents support services (YPSS).

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More than just software

We don’t expect you to be experts in IT so when you need support we strive to make sure you get that support as quickly and easily as possible and communicated in a way that you and your staff understand.

What makes us different?
Not only is the Inform software at the cutting edge of healthcare IT, it is our understanding of how technology can address the challenges facing Services and our continued commitment to keeping in touch with the issues being faced by both management and those delivering service.