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Inform SARC

Health Information System for Sexual Assault Referral Centres

Technology for Sexual Assault Referral Centres.

In 2019 a new Health Information System is being launched for Sexual Assault Referral Centres. Built from the ground up to support the needs of the modern Sexual Assault Referral Centre, INFORM SARC has been designed by working closely alongside experts in the delivery and management of SARC services.

INFORM SARC is a comprehensive software application providing a range of features and support for SARC services including:

  • Referrals to SARC
  • Forensic Medical Examinations (FME)
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA)
  • Counselling
  • Capturing telephone activity 
  • Caseload management
  • Task and Workload management
  • Printing Records for legal purposes
  • Capture and reporting on key data (KPIs)
  • Electronic Client Records

Building on our existing expertise in the development of technology systems for Sexual Health and HIV, we have designed a system that supports the whole team involved in the delivery and management of SARC services. Our design principles focus on ensuring accuracy and integrity of information across the entire INFORM SARC system. This is combined with powerful security providing your staff with controlled, audited and appropriate access to client records.

If you would like to find out more about INFORM SARC and how we can help your service or would like to know more about some of the exciting new technology we have in development, you can get in touch using the button below.

More than just software

We don’t expect you to be experts in IT so when you need support we strive to make sure you get that support as quickly and easily as possible and communicated in a way that you and your staff understand.

What makes us different?
Not only is the Inform software at the cutting edge of healthcare IT, it is our understanding of how technology can address the challenges facing Services and our continued commitment to keeping in touch with the issues being faced by both management and those delivering service.