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Inform HIV software application
Inform Health Information System for HIV

Inform HIV is a Health Information System for HIV. It brings together in one system the tools required to support delivery of a modern HIV service. Inform HIV provides services with everything they need to go from fulfilling business critical data returns and electronic patient records, to technology for HIV patients and technology to support MDT meetings for HIV.

The team at Inform are passionate about unlocking the benefits technology has to offer HIV services. Inform strives to support the delivery of HIV care services through its software products designed for both healthcare professionals and the patients they care for.

Prompt assessment and management of new diagnosis & holistic care Inform HIV provides tools for the whole team in order to support the care of newly diagnosed patients. From details of diagnosis to risk assessments, care planning to wider social support for patients, Inform provides an EPR designed for the whole team involved in HIV care. Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Advisers have the tools they need to document their care within a single electronic patient record.

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More than just software

We don’t expect you to be experts in IT so when you need support we strive to make sure you get that support as quickly and easily as possible and communicated in a way that you and your staff understand.

What makes us different?
Not only is the Inform software at the cutting edge of healthcare IT, it is our understanding of how technology can address the challenges facing Services and our continued commitment to keeping in touch with the issues being faced by both management and those delivering service.